Company Profile

We are a trading and service-based Company with a mission to provide our Customers with Quality Products and Services.

Our success will be based upon:

  • Our overriding concern for Customer Satisfaction
  • Our pursuit for continual improvement
  • Our commitment to the highest level of ethical standards
  • Our adherence to the law of preservation and to the protection of the environment
  • The improvement and well-being of our employees.

Quality Policy

Hillsborough Distribution Group, Corp. is committed to the provision of cost effective products and services for any situation. It aims to be responsive in every service needs and requirements of our clients and without undue delay, provide the best technical and engineering products and services.

Corporate Strategy - Purpose Into Action

  • Develop a revenue business structure based on Equipment Sales and Service. To achieve profit optimization, recurring income, risks minimization and image building objectives.
  • Adopt effective outsourcing strategy to meet, installation and maintenance needs to free up resources for core business development.
  • Build a dedicated, accountable and professional core team on our culture of innovation, trust, teamwork and sharing.
  • Grow Company values on profitability, professionalism and innovativeness to facilitate fund raising through multiple channels from the capital market.

Core Values That Shape Who We Are

  • Excellence in every effort and output produced;
  • Natural leader with fresh ideas that will seek for the best alternative in issues and conflict resolutions.
  • Equality in all basic rights and opportunities for all people
  • Reliability to be admired by Clients and its stakeholders
  • Great teamwork to ensure the success of the Company and its constituents
  • Youthful in all our endeavors to effectively deliver what is expected from us

Our People... Our Strength

  • Highly Competent Management Core
  • Structured & Effective Marketing Approach
  • Energy Efficient Services, Products and Accessories from reputable Equipment & Engineering Partners
  • Strong After-Sales Support backed-up by long years of expertisecommitted to the provision of cost effective solutions for any situation



- Established as Sole Proprietor company providing comprehensive and optimum HVAC services to both their individual and corporate clients


- Converted in a Corporation built an outstanding reputation in the Air Conditioning and appliance business from residences, restaurants, offices, hotels, schools and hospitals to industrial plants and mega shopping malls


- Expanded its business by offering optimum engineering packaged and management services as response to the demands of the growing market.


- Continued to expand the product portfolio by bringing in Elevator & Escalators products and additional brands for distribution


- Initiated accreditation with Government Agencies (DOE/DENR/DOST), to be an Energy Service Company (ESCo) for renewable energy

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Hillsborough Distribution Group Corp.
121 P. Cruz Street, New Zaniga, Mandaluyong City 1551
Telephone: +63(2) 5349817, +63(2) 7821209, +63(933) 8171561

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